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Powerful New Tools to Design Campaigns for Your Customers’ Journey

By July 25, 2020No Comments

The “customer journey” is the route customers take from their first encounter with your brand through to the time they purchase, and beyond. Unlike a more rigid, linear marketing funnel, the customer journey can be (and usually is) meandering. The longer your sales cycle is, the longer your typical customer journey will likely be.

Unlike the marketing funnel, which is concerned with a customer’s stage of interest in a product or service, customer journey marketing tracks touchpoints a prospect encounters before purchase. Every interaction, e.g. a free sample product, coupon, handout or marketing email, represents a unique touchpoint. 

Many prospects will return to earlier touchpoints as they evaluate a product or service, so the customer journey often loops back on itself instead of progressing in a neat, linear way. In fact, the average lead will encounter eight touchpoints before they feel ready to purchase.

This begs the question: how do you track touchpoints? Tribute Kiosk has the answer: touchpoint tools that enable you to track the customer journey every step of the way.

Powerful New Tools to Design Campaigns for Your Customers’ Journey

Imagine a scenario: your company decides to run an in-person campaign to showcase a new product to an audience, using old-fashioned methods: attendants at a booth hand out product samples. Your attendees hand out a sample-sized product with coupons, and of course you expect product awareness will turn a prospect into a consumer of your product. Simple, right? 


Not so fast. Now you’re expected to report precisely what results you’ve achieved, to justify your marketing budget. You know you engaged with prospects, but are you tracking touchpoints?

How Successful Was Your Campaign? Where to Begin?

The goal of a product sample campaign like this is to increase sales of a product, both immediately and in the long-term. Numbers matter, and every marketing dollar counts. Instead of relying on guesswork, you might have the person handing out the product (the attendant) use a counter to count the number of people they’ve interacted with during the day, and to track how many coupons and samples they’ve handed out. It’s a start, anyway.

This basic metric still only gives you a baseline to understand the effectiveness of collateral in converting to real business. Is it really enough? In our digital age, marketing leaders go beyond the basics and gather useful data to understand the customer  journey through their experience with the brand. Here are some of the tools they utilize in order to enhance touchpoints and gather data to better market their products.

Leaders Re-Imagine the Experience

We offer a number of tools to help your marketing leadership teams enhance the consumer journey. Here are some details:

Opportunity Monitoring

At old-fashioned hand-out booths, attendants have small counters to track the number of people that walk by. This measure of opportunity allows marketing analysis of the touchpoint and response. This metric combined with the number of samples handed out allows a deeper measure of how a given campaign and event helps increase sales. There are companies that specialize in this type of campaigns and they generally rely on their historic data for analysis for the campaign.


Our marketing kiosks automatically and anonymously tracks how many cellular phones are in the vicinity. They also generate a heat map so marketing leadership can see how close or far away users were to our kiosk. There is no additional setup or configuration needed to deploy one of these kiosks, making it easy for you to take your campaign measurements to a completely new level.

Gamified Interaction

Gamification increases engagement, full stop, and our technology enables it. Instead of simply handing out a paper coupon to your consumers, allow them to scan a QR code with their phones. This in turn allows prospects to play an online game (scratch and save or spin the wheel) to win a free product. This engagement combined with an interactive kiosk creates a collection of moments during which consumers feel, think, see, hear, touch, and could even smell your product.

Our gamification engine provides a number of games (e.g. scratch and win, Spin the Wheel) that allows you to embed the games into your campaigns. Further our engine is designed to allow for customization to fit your specific campaign.

Gamified Mosaic

Social media is a huge part of today’s marketing landscape. It allows brands to stay connected with consumers. At your sample give-away kiosk, you’re interacting with consumers, almost all of whom will have a social media account on at least one popular network. Beyond immediate connections, every visitor is two or three degrees removed from tens of thousands of potential customers. 

Keep in mind social media influencers also go shopping, so it’s important to treat every visitor as a kind of celebrity. You never know who you could be dealing with and how much reach a single post might achieve.

To entice social media engagement, we provide gamified mosaic tools that allow for brands to turn any image into a gamified mosaic. The mosaic can be prefilled with images or allow people to see the images that form a larger image. To encourage participation, the mosaic is gamified: when visitors use their social media accounts to participate in the mosaic, they have a chance to win a prize. 

Automated Interaction

Attendants cost money, need to take breaks, and simply cannot be 100% reliable. Our fully automated kiosks have built in a number of sensors and AI engines, and our “animated attendant” interacts with your guests and provides product information on demand. These digital attendants stick perfectly to the script and interact with all the consumers without prejudice or shyness, adding the feeling of a real human element to potential customers’ journey with your brand, without the variability and unreliability of an actual human attendant on site.

Photo Kiosk

Our interactive kiosk allows consumers to take pictures or to use their phones to have photographs printed on pre-defined templates, specified to your brand. This gives a take-away customers will bring home, further deepening engagement with your brand and the stickiness of your campaign. 

Each print can have a personalized QR code to track the customer journey. In short, this is truly a “smart” photo booth on steroids.

Wrapping It Up

Our automated kiosks allow you to redefine your customers’ journey and gives marketing leadership the control and measures they need to take their on-location campaigns into the digital age. Plan your next consumer experience with Tribute Kiosk. Contact us today to learn more.