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Touchless Kiosk Provides Worry-free Entertainment

By June 28, 2020No Comments

Worry-free entertainment for your guests

Long lasting memories from the event.

In a time when weddings, parties, concerts, sporting events and even nightly socials are limited or shut down because of Covid-19, people are naturally concerned about touching surfaces. This includes touchscreen kiosks.

A recent survey tells us that over 70% of event planners expect they’ll avoid including photo booths in upcoming events due to concerns about the spreading of germs, even after Covid-19 has passed. This is a sea-change in how people think about event coordination and public spaces.

Because this greatly impacts our photo booth operators, we went back to drawing board and worked out how to resolve the concern and ensure we give guests worry-free entertainment without the fear of germs.

To that end, we’ve enabled two new features:

1: Proximity Sensor Enables Touchless Kiosk

We have integrated a proximity sensor (not impacted by amount of light) that allows us to sense if someone is standing in front of the kiosk.

Our photo booth automatically starts to take pictures of guests once it detects that they are standing in front of the kiosk.

Guests receive a print without having to touch anything.

Our software features an animated attendant that entertains the guests and takes their pictures.
Proximity sensor works independent of lighting and accurately detects people standing in front of the kiosk to start the cycle.
Flash built into the mirror to provide lighting for optimum picture quality.
The kiosk allows for the printer to be securely stored and the guests get their pictures easily.
Multiple colours available for the body and also the front.
Takes up only 2.5 x 2.5 feet of floor space.

2: Mobile Device Integration

Guests may point their mobile devices at the kiosk and digitally turn their devices into a portable photo booth camera. Guests may then use their phones to take pictures and add to the booth template. Once ready, they simply click print on their phones and have the kiosk print the photo quality prints. Guests even receive a phone notification when their print is ready at the photo booth.

Digital Props

An additional challenge to the new world of photo booths is how to deliver the fun of props, which can also spread germs and viruses. To solve for this, we have added digital props. This feature is enabled on our mobile print option, to prevent guests from causing long lines at the photo booths themselves.

Booth Photos are the Most Viewed Photos

Photo booth prints tend to be the most viewed photos, as people like to post them on fridges, walls or in their offices. They’re reminders of happy occasions and positive experiences. We tested this idea ourselves by having guests take photos with a QR code printed on physical prints. We found guests still visited the QR link a year after the event, which suggests these prints have reach well beyond the date of a given event. The value of this is obvious.

We personally know people who’ve posted their booth pictures on fridges and have kept them there for many years. This is a tremendous value, allowing a cherished memory to be revisited and shared widely. Our customers can enjoy all this for years to come without heightened fears over Covid-19 or any other virus.

Operators, Get a Photo Booth Today

If you’re an operator who provides, or is interested in providing, photo booth services, we encourage you to contact us to learn more. Here’s how it works:

We provide the booth with the latest technology so you can focus on services without having to worry about technology. We design, manufacture and write the software for our photo booths. This is how we enable outstanding features and ensure your customers are happy and worry-free, even in these trying times.

Zero Capital, On-Going Cost or Rent

We do not sell or rent our booths and provide booths to operators at no cost. Charges occur only if our kiosks are used at a paid event. In short, it’s a partnership and we make money when operators make money meaning zero risk.

That way you are ensured the latest version of the hardware and software to entertain with. Tribute Kiosk works with the operators on the new features and enhancements so your wish list will be included in upcoming version.

Online photo booth template designer and approval

We provide an online tool to allow for template review, changes and approval. This ensures that customers are fully satisfied with the prints that they receive. They can choose from over a 100 different templates and or upload their own designs and choose where the photo booth pictures are placed.

Hardware Deposit

We ask for a small deposit for our photo booth, not unlike the quarter you put into a grocery cart at the store. This deposit is returned when we receive the hardware back from you.

It really is that simple. You keep the booth and use it to demo to your customers and operate the booth as if it’s yours. Our white-labeled kiosks are easily branded with your logo and information, so you control and maintain your brand’s integrity.

We love to help operators turn risk-free profits with our technology and to help give your guests a memorable experience with the latest touch-free tech built with peoples’ concerns in mind. Contact us to learn more and request a free demo.

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