Design and Operability

TributeKiosk offers state-of-the-art, industry-leading kiosk solutions that provide unattended touchscreen point-of-presence for your business. 

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About Tribute Kiosk Inc.

We have been building and designing touchscreen kiosks since 2009. Our company focuses on designing touchscreen solutions that meet your business needs. Our approach has been to design hardware and software that works together to ensure the best experience for your customers. We have number of patents filed in the field of touchscreen kiosks.


Risk Free

You pick the photobooth. We do the rest. From training and tech support to any other assistance you might require, we are with you every step of the way. 

And if you ever choose to discontinue the engagement, you simply return the photobooth. No questions asked.

No Cost

We don’t sell our photobooths so there is no cost associated with getting one of our photobooths. You also need not worry about managing the technology as we will work and resolve any issues with the photobooths.

Your success is our success

We make money only when you make money. Our prime focus is on ensuring that your business needs are met by our tools. Deploying our photobooths helps eliminate a lot of hassles during your busy events by automating key tasks


I would like to say thank you. It's good to know you guys are the ones who I would turn to for instant prints and independent booths

Lisa Mininni Photography

We have been using Tribute Kiosk Photo Booths for past 6 years to service weddings and Corporate Events. We find their Kiosks very interactive, a lot of fun and most importantly easy to use. It’s a very economical way to entertain your Clients, Friends and Associates throughout the year!!!

Anastasia WilliamsEntertainment Director

Information Displays

Provide information accurately and relevant to your customers.

Business innovation

We will work with you to provide our years of experience in developing solutions that excels your business.

Marketing program

Capture customer information and provide best experience for your customers.

Business Advantage

Our kiosk design and solution is focused on growing your business.

Unattended Kiosks

We design and build software and hardware that ensures operation without any attendants.

Global Customers

We work with customers across the globe and provide solutions to them.

Call Home

Our kiosks are equipped with call home feature to allow for deployment of our technicians to service the kiosks.

AI (Nicole)

We continue to work on our AI solution called Nicole. She is very adaptive and currently employed as photographer on our photobooth products.