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LiveSign Gamified Stadium Engagement

Gamify Your Promotions with LiveSign

By June 12, 2020No Comments

Imagine your favorite brand and the company behind it. Do they make clothing? It could be a sports franchise. Or maybe you’re obsessed with a type of car. Now imagine a Monday morning (blah). You’re at your desk and in a workflow when you see your favorite brand has sent an email with a generic subject line. “It’s Summer! Check Out Our New…”


Now imagine you see another email the following Monday (double blah) with the subject line:  “Scratch This Email for a Guaranteed Chance to Win!” 

Do we have your attention now? 

You open the email and are prompted to “scratch” an image to reveal whether you’ve won a newly introduced product or a discount. For a blissful minute you forget it’s Monday and focus on your favorite brand’s unusual messaging and imminent reward. 

You’re hooked. How’d we do it?


Per Martech Advisor, “Interactive email content increases the click-to-open rate by 73%.” Gamification adds an element of fun and chance to a user’s engagement, similar to how gambling at a Casino draws people in and hooks them. By tying marketing to entertainment, you provide value to your customers and associate your brand with fun.

Consumers are busy and easily distracted. To grab visitors digitally, secure their relationships and avoid loss of income, companies now more than ever demand solutions to gather and retain busy shoppers. This increasingly occurs in the digital space, where the difference between blah and wow comes down to how entertained your customers feel the instant they see your messages on their screens, whether via email, social media or other channels.

Today’s shopper is increasingly busy and easily distracted. To bring visitors into your business, secure relationships and avoid loss of income, companies look for new solutions to capture the attention of the busy shopper. Including promotions in your conversion tactics pay off in many ways and can play a huge role. A study shows 60% of adults change their shopping habits due to promotions. Gamification of your marketing with promotions included, as in the “scratch this email” example, is a great way to move the needle on engagement.

Interaction + Reward = Serious Engagement

Let’s face it: email is not exactly what the average person considers “fun,” and younger consumers spend far more time on social media and apps than they do their digitally dusty inboxes. In response to this, we’ve built an engine that works not only with email but other channels such as social media where you can effectively market your next product launch.

Gamified media encourages customers to complete actions that serve the brand’s campaign and builds marketing funnels. Companies can reward customers for providing information, completing a survey, and/or joining a mailing list. Studies show 20%-30% of raw traffic from gamified promotions convert to email opt-ins, compared to a 3-5% industry average. Gamified media shows 17% more conversions and 2-3x better campaign performance.

Earned, Personal & Focused: LiveSign Is Smart Gamification

Smart, gamified promotions combine interaction tailored to the experience your brand wants to give. They incentivize your customers to engage and in return allow you to learn about your customers through surveys. 

LiveSign helps your brand stand out through core principles of human psychology.


✓ Gamified Opportunity Engagement

Opportunity is calculated by the number of potential audience that could have seen the marketing. Gamified marketing or promotions benefits from a 40% to 50% increase in opportunity engagement. Engagement is also longer and has a higher rate of redemption. 

Through gamification, customer loyalty is built over a series of numerous small exchanges and experiences. Higher engagement percentages at each touch point means more sales, period.


✓ Awareness Through Entertainment

When a customer spins a digital wheel to win a prize, they of course root for the wheel to stop at their most desired prize. They’ll naturally review all the options in the wheel and be aware of other possible prizes. Studies have shown that 80% of the participants can correctly identify three other options available in the wheel. Through LiveSign’s engine, you can specify the winning rate for each of the prizes and greatly improve the product launch awareness campaigns.


✓ Customer Survey

Many businesses have difficult performing customer surveys to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are. Often enough. not understanding your customers can be greatly detrimental to sales and business. LiveSign allows for surveys to be included as part of the gamified campaign to better understand your customers.

LiveSign Results in 10x More Effective Promotions

We at LiveSign have developed solutions for the gamification of promotions through scratch and save options, survey results and data collection. Through smart promotions at the right points of the purchase funnel, targeted to the right users with relevant rewards, we reduce drop-offs and drive sales.

Results can be amazing: you can reasonably expect to double and even triple conversions. Key results from gamification through promotions include:

  • 40-50% more engagement
  • 20-30% more conversion to email opt-in
  • 4.5x increased sales with gamified promotions

And we have case studies to prove it. 

The bottom line: LiveSign will help you build the perfect sales funnel for your business to attract and expand your audience. This is about making shopping fun so your online business converts at a higher rate with happier, more engaged customers who are genuinely excited to hear from you and primed to come back for return business. What could be better?

About LiveSign

LiveSign is a marketing and engagement platform from TributeKiosk Inc. that provides SaaS marketing solutions for companies and agencies. LiveSign’s solution is designed and targeted for mobile marketing and integrates with managed kiosk solutions that allows for flexible interactive and visual marketing campaigns. LiveSign drives enhanced capabilities in marketing and understanding of your customers through AI engines.

To learn more about LiveSign, contact us and book a demo. You can also create a free account at