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Tribute Kiosk Introduces Secure, Liability Waiver Service with Authenticity Validator

By April 28, 2021No Comments

As organizations across various industries look at managing their liability exposure, the importance of using legal waiver forms for risk acknowledgement has risen. The current COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of digital waivers. However, the mere implementation of a waiver will not suffice unless there is a mechanism to ensure that the signed digital waivers are not tampered with.


Waiver forms ask customers to assume responsibility for their actions and undertake activities with a voluntary assumption and knowledge of the risks involved. Online waiver solutions have made it easy to capture consent and signatures digitally. But these waivers pose another challenge – How does one ensure that either party does not tamper with the original for their own benefit after it has been signed? The originality of the digitally signed waiver can be questioned in legal proceedings.


Let’s look at a real-world scenario to better understand this problem:


You own and operate a gym where a COVID positive customer has potentially exposed others to the virus. The customer’s signed waiver indicates that he had checked the boxes for COVID symptoms, showing that they declared the potential risk. However, your copy of the waiver does not reflect the same. In such a case, which copy would be considered valid in the event of any legal action?


How would one be able to corroborate that the digital document is the same as the one that was originally agreed upon and signed?

Tribute Kiosk’s LenzVU has introduced a new digital waiver service, offered

Waiver Authenticity

Waiver Authenticity Validator

free of cost for a limited period of time, that performs a critical function of validating the originality of signed digital waivers, ensuring that they are free from change. LenzVU, as a trusted third-party service provider, facilitates capture of consent between two entities, and its Authenticity Validator allows for the signed waivers to be verified.

The LenzVU Waiver platform offers the perfect solution in the form of a robust, customizable liability waiver service that offers the following:

  1. Secure Archival of Waiver Forms – LenzVU stores and validates all waiver forms in their truest state, right after they are signed. The LenzVU waiver service includes a ‘Trust’ badge on every signed document that is stored. Trusted, third-party storage means none of the involved parties can tamper with the original, rendering the forms 100% valid during legal proceedings.
  2. Benefits of Digitization – Go paperless and contact-less. No more piles of paper and no fear of using contaminated pens.
  3. Easy Retrieval and Validation – Businesses can easily access historical waiver records online. Copies of waivers with the business or customer can be uploaded and compared to the original to ensure their authenticity.
  4. Alert Flags – Waivers/Self-declare forms can be configured to provide instant alerts to business owners when certain conditions are met.
  5. Customer Analytics and Business Intelligence – Data-driven metrics that help businesses make high-impact decisions.

The LenzVU Waiver platform gives businesses complete control over their waiver roll-outs. Users can log in and digitally recreate the paper form(s) that their business currently has. The easy-to-use interface includes previews to view how the final waiver will appear before publishing it.

Forms can be completed online and the link to the waiver can be published on the business’s website, social media or emailed to the customers. LenzVU also provides a unique QR code per waiver form that can be posted online or at the entrance of the business. Customers can simply scan the QR code on their phones to invoke and complete the waiver. This flexibility allows people to complete the waiver beforehand and just provide their name upon arrival so that they can be verified and checked-in.

LenzVU offers more than just a waiver service. The platform serves as a comprehensive business intelligence and customer analytics solution that helps businesses make better, informed decisions that drive up sales and efficiencies and drive down costs.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Tribute Kiosk CEO Afi Aflatooni commented, “We are focused on helping businesses improve their operations by empowering them to make insightful decisions, with the help of technology. For a limited period, we are offering our waiver platform for absolutely no cost to allow businesses to take advantage of an essential instrument in protecting themselves from possible liabilities, helping them with business insurance and in driving down overall costs.”


Tribute Kiosk LenzVU strongly encourages clients to word waiver forms with a lawyer’s support to properly structure the document’s provisions. LenzVU does not provide a guarantee that any waiver adopted by a business will be legally binding. However, it does provide the mechanism and platform that can facilitate the legal enforcement of these waivers. LenzVU Waivers provides easy-to-use tools that allow businesses to create waivers in consultation with their lawyers to match their legal realities and corporate identity.

To learn more about how LenzVU’s free waiver platform will help mitigate business risks and to see the waiver validation process in action, visit