Free Waiver

Customizable Digital Waiver Forms
Digitally capture customer signatures online using free waiver forms



Touchless check-in for your visitors and guests
Simple, phone-based guest check-in process. No Touch. No Hassle.


Business Insight

Understand customer trends to improve your business
LenzVU metrics allow you to make better informed decisions



Get alerted to better protect your business
Real-time alerts in the online dashboard help ensure that your business interest are well protected

Simple Intelligence

LenzVU’s compact, intelligent device can be deployed at your business to provide valuable data-driven metrics

LenzVU Customer Retention

LenzVU helps you understand how often your customers come to your location and how long they spend in your location.

LenzVU Conversion Rate

LenzVU tracks the number of customers who visit your physical or online store. LenzVU can be configured to calculate how many visitors buy from your store.

Collect Waivers With Ease

LenzVU provides a free, digital service where you can create, design and capture electronic waivers. Simply create a free account and start building your own customizable waiver form in minutes for free. 

The waivers can be signed online, on a tablet or on a mobile phone. You can manage, search and download completed waiver forms as PDF files.

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Offline Waiver

We allow for your waivers to be signed offline through a smart LenzVU sensor.

Waivers can be signed easily using mobile phones and the LenzVU sensor can capture all the information offline.

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Multiple Waivers

Does your business have different waivers for different visitors?
The LenzVu platform supports the implementation of multiple waiver forms based on your business needs. You can have as many waivers for different applications or purposes.

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Waiver QR Code

Do you require people entering your business to sign a waiver? LenzVU provides the QR codes to each waiver so that you can have it posted at your entrance.

People can simply scan the QR codes with their phone cameras and sign the waiver on the spot.

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Waiver Form

Pandemic Response

During these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, LenzVU can help businesses keep their operations running by providing mechanisms that not only comply with government guidelines but add an additional layer of security.

  • ‘Contact-less Guest Check-in’ feature and customized COVID waivers can be leveraged for dine-in customers. This eliminates the need to maintain written records and provides an online database for contact tracing.
  • This comprehensive safety mechanism when visiting your business. when visiting your business.


LenzVU is an intelligent business solution that provides insight into your customers.

LenzVU provides waiver service integrated with check-in and also customer insight to help understand your customers:

  • Customer Retention: How often do people return to my business?
  • Customer Insight: How long do people stay at my business?
  • Peak Times: When are the busy times for my business?

LenzVU captures the data that allows our AI models to better understand and provide actionable projections for your business.

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