SaaS contact tracing solution

Businesses Rely on LenzVU to Foster Security and Safety for Staff, Customers and Operation.

Take Contact Tracing and Alerting to New Levels with LenzVU

Tribute Kiosk’s LenzVU accuretaly identifies and records all cellphone’s hardward ID anonymously at a distance without any bias. The LenzVU platform enables you to correlate the data recorded to identify if a particular device was present at different locations within your organization. 

This data can be used not only for Contact Tracing during a pandemic but also for enhancing day-to-day security operations of your business.

Small Sensors

Small sensors detect the real hardware ID of cellphones. Cellphones need not have an established connection to a network.

LenzVU sensors can monitor traffic
LenzVU contact tracing and security


There are limitations to enabling contact tracing through an APP. Our SaaS solution works without the need to have an app installed on a cell phone.

*Canadian Government’s Covid-19 Contact tracing app which has been promoted constantly have only had less than 8% penetration rate.

Protect Staff, Customers and Business

Analyze Operational Risk

LenzVU presents an anonymous view of
people visiting bank branches and retail chain stores and correlates the data in real-time to alert if a person is detected as having visited multiple locations.

Tribute Kiosk’s LenzVU with accuracy identifies and records anonymous cellphone’s hardware ID at a distance without any bias. LenzVU enables you to correlate the data to identify other locations within your organization that the device was also present.

Flexibility in Applications

Tribute Kiosk’s LenzVU has a feature that allows businesses to register employee’s devices in the system. With the record of employee devices, establishments can opt to receive an alert when
unknown devices enter a restricted area. Businesses use this feature to protect themselves from unscrupulous actors or security breaches by unauthorized employees.