Photobooth Solutions


Tribute Kiosk is your one stop shop for photobooths. Our photobooths are powered by innovative software allowing us the ability to design, manufacture and provide customers with the tools to maximize their creativity.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve created cutting edge management software to maximize user interface and free up operators to ensure that their clients have a seamless experience.

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

At Tribute Kiosk, we know the cost associated with acquiring a photobooth can be steep so we’ve committed to providing our operators with photobooths free of cost.

It’s as simple as demoing the product for clients, the operator utilizing our management software to making the bookings and scheduling the booking within the event dashboard once it has been confirmed. It’s really that simple!

Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Experience

If that wasn’t enough, our photobooth features machine learning technology that creates a user experience that utilizes our AI, who we’ve taken to calling Nicole, handling the entire picture taking process with autonomous control of the camera.

Patent Pending Kiosks

Currently pending, we’ve applied to trademark our designs, concepts and inner workings of our kiosk with the goal of ensuring that our customers are protected. Moreover, this will translate to further products and services for our customers offered exclusively through Tribute Kiosk inc.


PhotoUp is our online storage service where all event pictures and photos are held. A protected service, it ensures the privacy of photos while also providing users an easy way to access, download, and share photos. Using our “Guest Photo Stories” will allow operators to provide client’s a seamless experience when uploading their pictures.

Photobooth Templates

Get creative! Photobooth templates give users the chance to take advantage of over a 100 different templates and the opportunity to customize their prints online using our exclusive online tool.


Users will also have the ability to review their designs and approve them online using our exclusive online tool.

Join Our Happy Photobooth Operators

Happy Customers


It’s our goal to make it easy for operators to offer photobooth services that they can depend on to deliver a client experience that will earn them plaudits and pedigree within their field.


If you’re a sole operator or a full capacity entertainment business it’s all the same to us at Tribute Kiosk. Outside of phenomenal service, we also provide a unique opportunity for marketing with each print containing the business information and signature of our customers to provide clients with easily accessible contact information.


It’s our aim to provide you with everything you’ll need to be successful!


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