Photobooth Operator

Provide Photobooth Services today

If you currently offer photobooths or are interested in providing a photobooth services to your customers then you are in the right place.
We have made it extremely simple for you to offer Photobooth services.
We manufacture and provide photobooths to our operators. It allows us to maintain software and photobooth hardware risk free to our operators. So our operators need only worry about marketing and sales to their customers.

Risk Free

We provide you our photobooths to use.
We don’t sell our photobooths so there is nothing to purchase and no risk.

You only get charged when the kiosks are used in events.

No technical knowledge needed

We have made the system extremely simple to allow the operator with basic website knowledge to use and provide photobooth services.
You don’t need to have a person with technical background to be able to offer the photobooth services.

Each photo is marketing for your business

Every print will contain the your custom marking and information. Therefore every photo that the guest print are marketing for your business.

Online photo album and download

All the photos and soft copy of the prints will be available to view online through PhotoUp.Org as well as download.
The guests will be allowed to share the secured link to their guests as well as download all the pictures for safe keeping.

Default prints

When the photobooth is not used in an event then the photobooth can be used to print default marketing information that would promote your business.

Marketing Material

We provide you with marketing material that you can use to customize. Our professionally designed hand-outs and information can help you in your way to secure customers.
You don’t need to use our marketing material but you can choose to use our marketing if you wish.

Maintenance Free Hardware

If you purchase a photobooth hardware, you need to ensure proper operation and hope that the hardware doesn’t break. We provide our photobooths to you and if they have any issues we simply replace them for you. So you need not worry about the photobooth.

Cost is $0

We don’t sell the photobooths so you don’t have to spend any money to test the markets (no risk). You will have a simple web interface that will allow you to enter details of the event.
We make money only when you make money so it is in our vested interest to help you make money.

How does it work?
Take a quick look at some of the videos of how easy Tribute Kiosk is to use.
You can see from some of the normally complicated tasks that we have made it very easy for you to use.
You can also benefit from the great Tribute Kiosk team to ensure that any questions that you have are quickly answered.

Impress your customers:
We have created “non-branded” how to videos that you can use on your own website. You can make these videos available on your website so that your customers understand flexibility and features of the photobooth.


Do you have any questions that you would like to discuss?
Would you like to find out more about our photobooths?

Great, please let one of our specialist contact you to answer any questions you may have.

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