Kidto Booth

Take Your Event Space to the Next Level with the Kidto Photo Engagement Booth

Allow your guests to walk away with a printed memory of birthday parties from your venue

You can help make memories that last a lifetime by giving your party guests a printed memory of their birthday celebration to cherish long after the party is over. In today’s social age, capturing and sharing engaging photos with friends and family is one of the most important parts of every event. With the Kidto Photo Engagement Booth, you can give clients the chance to personalize their party favors and create memories that last once the guests have gone.

Kids love engaging directly with the booth to create fun photo memories, with no parent or staff help needed. Parents love the high-quality mementos they can bring home and share with friends and family, connecting you to new customers in the process!


The Kidto Photo Engagement Booth offers you a risk-free way to attract new clients, increase customer engagement at each event, and extends your marketing efforts once the party is over! Take a look at our tech-savvy, low-cost photo booths for your event space today

Creating Party Memories to Last a Lifetime

  • The Kidto Photo Engagement Booth provides hands-on engagement for partygoers with single and group photo formats and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Guests snap and print a photo to share with family and friends back home and the high-quality photo prints provide a memorable keepsake of the good times shared at your event.

Attract New Clients with a Personalized Touch

  • From pirates to princesses, your party planners can choose from a variety of photo printing templates and layouts to add a new level of fun and personalization to each event.
  • Kidto Photo Engagement Booth clients report that the innovative photo booths are helping bring in new customers and secure repeat business.

Focus on your Clients with our No Risk Guarantee

  • With no upfront hardware or monthly service fees the Kidto Photo Engagement Booth is a no-risk addition to your events space.
  • You pay only for the time the booth is in use and bringing in additional revenue.
  • The photo booths are easy to use and fun to activate, with no staff time to set-up or use. You can focus on what you do best, creating memorable party experiences for your clients, and leave the rest to us.
  • Each kiosk needs just 2×2 ft. of space.


Market Yourself and Grow your Brand

We are a Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) company. What this means for you is that there is absolutely no risk associated with using our interactive kiosks: you get charged only if you are using the hardware for a paid event.

  • Help your event space stand out from the crowd with a booth designed with your branding and party space in mind.
  • Personalize the photo templates with your name, logo, and event date.
  • Each photo taken at the event helps extend your advertising into the clients’ homes once the party is over.
  • Provide an annual email reminder of the event to partygoers, with a link to an online photo album, extending your marketing efforts even longer and increasing repeat business!

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The prints are better than business cards, clients keep the prints.