Fanto Booth

Take Fan Experience to New Levels with the Sports Fanto Booth, Designed for Champions

Looking to take your gameday stadium experience to the next level? The new Sports Fanto (Fan-Photo) Booth offers a winning combination of fan engagement and brand marketing – giving your team’s sponsors the winning edge, as you extend their gameday marketing from the stadium directly into the home.


Since 2010, Tribute Kiosk has served as a leader in designing innovative touchscreen kiosks that provide

engaging content delivered directly to the user. Now, teams can personalize that experience for their fans with the new Sports Fanto Booth, giving each one a chance to be part of the action on gameday.

#1 Fan Engagement Tool on the Market

  • Let your fans in on the action with this unique gameday experience.
  • Up for the challenge? Users snap and print a branded photo.
  • Bring home the hardware! The Sport Fanto Booth provides fans with a high-quality memento from the game.

Brand Marketing that Doesn’t Quit

  • Set yourself apart from the pack with customizable photo templates that showcase team branding and sponsor logos.
  • Your personalized kiosks showcase official team colors and mascot.
  • Create a winning combination, integrating both team and sponsor branding for optimal brand impact.
  • Extend the winning streak, as well as the gameday experience and sponsor marketing once the game is done.

All-Star Technology that Brings a Winning Edge

  • Put your fans in the driver’s seat. No staff attendant is needed for each kiosk.
  • Users interact with our AI ‘photographer’ technology, ensuring each experience ends in victory!
  • The simple dashboard design tool provides a seamless branding review and approval process that ensures your brand comes out on top.
  • Push out the team’s approved content to all Sports Fanto Booths onsite for a winning look and feel.

Innovation Designed for Champions

  • It’s a win/win for teams and sponsors with no upfront design/build costs using our hardware-as-a-service model.
  • Focus on the action and pay no monthly fee or upfront hardware purchase. Pay only when the kiosk is activated by a fan.
  • A small footprint with a huge impact. Each kiosk needs just 2X2 ft. of stadium space.