Photobooth Solutions

We design, manufacture and create the software for our photobooths. We use the comments and feedbacks of our operators and users for enhancements and redesigns.
We currently are working on the fourth generation of the photobooths with a complete software rewrite.

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Patent Pending Kiosks

We have filing for our photobooths to ensure that our designs, concepts and functional workings of our kiosks are protected. You will benefit from offering top of the line services that are exclusively offered through Tribute Kiosk Inc.


All the event pictures and photos are stored online through PhotoUp. The guests can access, download and share all the pictures easily.
The guests can also benefit from our exclusive service of “Guest Photo Stories” to upload their pictures easily.

Photobooth Templates

Your guests can take advantage of over a 100 different photobooth templates and design their prints online using our exclusive online tool.
Your customers can also review their designs and approve them online to ensure customer satisfaction.

Join Our Happy Photobooth Operators

Happy CustomersWe make it really easy for you to offer Photobooth services as part of your service offering. There is no restrictions and no risk involved.

Offering a photobooth could provide easy marketing for your current business and services. Every print will contain your business information and signature to ensure that customers have an easy way of contacting you again.
We provide everything needed in order for you to succeed. Your success is our success!


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