Photobooth How-to Videos

You can follow the 5 below steps to setup and customize the photobooth for your event.

Step 1 in customizing photobooth prints for your event is choosing a template.
In this quick video you will see how you can quickly browse and choose from many different templates available.

You can simply click on the green “Change Template” and choose from over a 100 different templates available.

Step 2 You can see how easily you can add your own image, rotate and resize it to ensure that your print template is perfect for your event.

In order to upload an image, you can simply click on the green Upload Image button. Once the image is uploaded then you can drag the image to the correct location.
You will also have access to the image tools that will allow you to rotate and resize the image.

Watch this quick video to get familiar with uploading images.

Step 3 You can add text to your print template to commemorate your event. The prints from the photobooth are a keep-sake that the guests will keep. The text message can easily add special message that will allow the guests to remember.
This demonstration video shows how you can easily add text to your photobooth prints.

Step 4 Photobooth allows for the pictures taken during the event to be emailed to the guests.

You can customize the email messages that are sent to your guests with your special messages. This great feature allows you to thank your guests or say anything that you wish to them.

Watch this quick video to get familiar with how you update the email text.

Step 5 you can approve your print templates which locks it from any further changes.

It is highly recommended that you approve your print template to ensure that your changes are locked and avoid any accidental changes to the prints.

Watch this quick video to get familiar with how you approve your print template.

Here are some other videos to highlight features of the photobooth.

Photo stories is a great feature of the photobooth.
Photo stories allows for your guests to add their photos and memories of your event to your photobooth photo album.
This video demonstrates the photo stories feature.

Would you like to have photobooth print strips or 2×6 prints for your event? This video shows you how you can select 2×6 prints for your event and customize it.
Photobooth provides a lot of flexibility to ensure your prints reflect your event.